Vicar's Letter

Dear Friends, 

I know it can feel like Groundhog Day, going from one day to another in lockdown, and sometimes the routine is stressful on different levels. Despite that, I would like to focus on the many positive aspects of our life for which we are grateful. Positive thinking usually encourages optimism which is a crucial part of effective stress management and helps to boost our mental wellbeing. Effective stress management is associated with many health benefits which we all need to maximise at the moment.

Many people have been taking advantage of the cold, but dry weather, and have taken up walking or running as a way of beating the blues. Others have taken up new hobbies or have started preparing the garden for the coming of Spring. I was amazed to see how much the daffodils have grown and we even had snowdrops in St Mary’s churchyard during the 1st week in January. We are so fortunate to live in an area so abundant with God’s creations.

Another way people have been reliving the stress is by sending and receiving lots of encouraging messages, funny jokes, photographs and video clips via social media.   I have really appreciated the many humorous clips that I have been sent and would therefore like to share this 2021 version of an old song in the hope that it make you smile.



 written by Claire Scurr

who was inspired by an old episode of The Vicar of Dibley when Alice sings this song incorrectly during a thunderstorm

(with sincerest apologies to Rogers & Hammerstein)

Face Mask and Gel

Face masks on noses and hand gel on fingers.

Spray everywhere just in case Covid lingers.

Brown paper packages come to my door,

I must have bought half the Amazon store.

Brown Paper Packages

My make up’s on furlough and so are my heels,

I have to stay home for all of my meals.

High Heels

Trying to stay upbeat whatever life brings.

These are a few of my Covid-safe things.

Long uncut hair

It’s not been the best time, if I’m being candid.

Getting depressed as my waistline expanded.

Silver white grey hairs, fringe down to my cheeks

Hairdressers closed for a good few more weeks.

Barking Dog

When the dog barks…

When the cats mew….

When I’m feeling sad….

I reach for the chocolate, the wine and the crisps

Wine Bottle

And then I don’t feel soooo bad.


I pray that you may experience a peaceful Lenten time and that the Lord may bless each and everyone of you with his bountiful mercy and grace.

Revd David