Another Song to Cheer us All

As a result of all the positive feedback from my last attempt at song writing,

I’ve decided to give it another go and I’ve stayed with the Sound of Music theme.

I do hope that it makes you smile again !!



How do you solve a problem like Corona?

How do we ease ourselves out of lockdown?

We’ve done as Boris asks,

We’ve put on our face masks

And we hardly ever venture into town


There’s many a thing that everybody longs for

A haircut or a lovely holiday

We only chat to mates

Across our garden gates

And we wash our hands a hundred times a day!


Oh, how do we solve the problem of Corona?

How do we bring back “normal” to our land?


 We would like to have some grub

Sat down in our local pub

And have a drink or two to celebrate

But until that time arrives

We must get on with our lives

Yes, all that we can do is hope and wait


How do you solve the problem of Corona?

How do I get to visit Chester zoo?

They can’t open till I’ve been

And I’ve had my first vaccine

And I’m waiting patiently for number two


I would like to go and have a long swim

That would put a smile upon my face

A staycation mini break

Would help soothe my heartache

But it will be May before this can take place


So, let’s all help to get rid of Corona

Then we can bring back “normal” to our land