Quiz Answers

Mothering Sunday Quiz  (Courtesy of the Mother’s Union)

What food is most associated with Mothering Sunday?

A) Sunday Roast  B) Eggs  C) Simnel cake    

In Ancient Greece, which goddess was celebrated on

Mothering Sunday? A) Artemis   B) Hestia   C) Rhea      

Mother’s Ruin’ is a common British name for which alcoholic drink? 

A) Gin   B)  Vodka   C) Brandy

In which Indian city, did Mother Theresa found her missionary? 

A) Mumbai  B) Varanasi   C) Calcutta

How many cards are sent for Mothering Sunday in the UK

A) 10 million  B)30 million  C)45 million

In which year did Marie Curie become the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

A) 1925   B) 1903   C) 1910

Mother of Pearl is a common name for?

A) Nacre   B) Jewel   C) Stone

Who was the Mother of Queen Elizabeth the first?

A) Anne Boleyn   B) Mary, Queen of Scots   C) Mary 2nd

Which popular Mothering Sunday flower do Christians believe were made from the tears of Mary when she wept for Jesus on the Cross?

A) Sunflowers  B) Daffodils  C) Carnations

When did women get the parliamentary vote in the UK?

A) 1918   B) 1917  C) 1916