First Sunday in the month, 4.00pm
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Sunday 2nd July, 4pm

Messy Church is held on the first Sunday of the month at 4.00pm at St Chad's Church. Come along and join our growing congregation - this is a new and exciting form of worship. Messy Church is a fun based family service for people of all ages. Each service includes a number of craft activities, songs, a story and some prayers, all based on the theme for the day. We start with coffee, tea or juice with biscuits and finish with a shared buffet-style tea at 5.00 - 5.30pm

Services at St Chad's, Farndon

Sunday Services

1st Sunday
9.30am Parish Communion

4.00pm Messy Church

No evening service

2nd Sunday
9.30am Parish Communion

6.30pm Holy Communion

3rd Sunday
9.30am Parish Communion

No evening service

4th Sunday
9.30am Parish Communion

6.30pm Evensong

5th Sunday
9.30am Parish Communion

No evening service


Rushbearing is an old English festival in which rushes are collected and used to decorate the village churches.

The tradition dates back to as early as the 14th century when most buildings had earthen floors and the rushes along with herbs and grasses were strewn on the floor to provide a sweet-smelling, renewable cover for cleanliness and also insulation in the winter

One of the earliest recording of this happening is found in the Household Roll of King Edward II (1307 -1327) which shows a payment for "a supply of rushes for strewing in the King's chamber"

Churches would allocate a special day each year to carry out the bearing of the rushes and the festival was widespread in Britain from the Middle Ages until the beginning of the 19th century when church floors began to be flagged with stone

The custom was revived later in the 19th century and is kept alive today as an annual event in a number of towns and villages mainly in the north of England

Farndon's Rushbearing always takes place on the second weekend in July,
starting with the Rose Queen Procession led up the High Street by the Vicar at 2.15pm, followed by a traditional village fete in the Vicarage garden

A Rushbearing Festival Family Communion Service will also take place in church on Sunday 9th of July morning at 9.30am; 6.30pm Holy Communion

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